Particular about natural soil in Gunma

From earth of Gunma where surrounded by volcanoes, red soil and black soil as raw materials are raised.

Gunma prefecture has fertile land and surrounded by volcanoes.
The grace of nature not only grew green forests and clear water, but also made high quality natural soil for tens of thousands of years.
The raw material we use is the volcanic ash subsoil in a unique terrain.
We Solti are concerned with natural viscous red soil with strong viscous nature of Gunma and we are delivering to the whole country with all our heart.

Certain technology to create stable quality

The fertile nature gave us mineral-rich natural soil.

Products are made with our patented technology from start to finish. And using only Gunma’s mineral-rich viscous red soil (volcanic ash subsoil) and black soil.
Not using any granulating agents or chemicals, we use mineral-rich natural red soil and black soil. And with only heat, we produce dry granulation.
Please compare it with a commercial product. Because it is a homogeneously granulated soil which does not contain impurities, the plants grow up well and can maintain the water quality of the aquarium tank for a long time.
Regardless of natural soil and traditional recipe, try new techniques while repeating experiments and trial and error. That is Solti’s motto.

Looking to refresh people and nature

Through business activities, we would like to contribute to the coexistence of people and nature, and animals and plants.

Global warming, annihilation of country hill, increasing endangered species ….
People and nature, the environment surrounding the earth are getting more and more critical.
We respect for the earth and strongly hope to continue our business activities with a view to regenerating people and nature.